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Based in California, USA

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March 28, 2017

PC / Mac / Linux


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Manipulated is a logical platformer that will change your consciousness and involve you in the world of puzzles. Put your thinking cap on and use your imagination to go through a series of the most difficult puzzles in an experiment that will defy your common sense. Go through the experiment and find your way out. But remember - the game manipulated everyone who tried to get to complete it. Will you be able to avoid it?


The game development began in January 2014 by Denys Malyshev as an attempt to realize his old dream and new year's resolution. He hadn’t had any experience and even the idea of ​​the creating games process, so every development stage was a new thing for him. In December 2014, the experience and accumulated knowledge made it possible to bring the development to a new level and Wolfray Entertainment company was officially registered. After that, the game development took three years more and the game was released on March 28, 2017.


  • Plot: The game's plot is based on real events. During the experiment the scientists from the Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI) found out that people began to trust robots more than common sense. Based on this information it was concluded that robots will soon take over mankind and a new era will begin - the Era of Robots. Manipulated is an analog of a famous experiment where you can test yourself and your abilities to resist a new era.
  • Puzzles: The game has many puzzles that will test your logical thinking, attention and problem solving. With each level the puzzles will become more challenging and captivating. The ending of the game will surprise everyone.
  • Humor: Despite the seriousness of the storyline, the game is filled with irony and humor. This will make your gaming experience more exciting.


Official Launch Trailer 2017 YouTube


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Selected Articles

  • "If you are looking for a whimsical side-scroller that will test your brain power, Manipulated is the game to buy."
    - Allison Holmes, The Overpowered Noobs

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About Wolfray Entertainment

Wolfray Entertainment is an independent game development studio based in California, USA. We work to the best of our capacity and always try to improve ourselves. Stay with us, we have big plans for the future.

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Manipulated Credits

Denys Malyshev
Game Designer, Programmer

Marta Klachuk
2D Artist

Ekaterina Martynova
2D Artist

Artemiy Manahov
2D Artist

Suren Markosyan

Evgeniy Gushin

Kirill Vinkov
Voice Over

Illiya Filimonov
Music and Sound

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